Sufjan Stevens

An ’03 fave makes an early and strong appearance in 2004. THE songwriter to hear this year.

06/19/06 Update: Sufjan Stevens Avalanche Stream Part 1
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  • kevin

    now i know that jesus loves me.

  • My favorite Sufjan Stevens song is "The Dress Looks Nice on You."
    There's so much great music out there – how does one find it all? I'm glad I found 3hive… Thanks for doing such an amazing job with your site. It's absolutely superb!

  • Dawn

    awesome christian band

  • shedder

    any chance a person can learn more about sufjan? everything is so vague!

  • Cara

    Hmm… Only the link for Sister works. Do you think that the others will be fixed at any point, or do they just not exist anymore?

  • Kass
  • Jared

    All i can say is wow, his voice is so soothing i could not stop listening to the melodic verse of Casimir Pulaski Day
    Great, Great Muscian

  • meg

    hey i fell in love with the song the lord god bird – really head over heels – it’s the best thing since sliced bread – and i have been trying to find the guitar tabs for it but haven’t had much luck yet
    anybody know a good link or the tabs themsleves??? thanks a million

  • Sufjan Stevens is AMAZING! He plays, something like, twenty-six instruments; writes intelligent lyrics; and has a beautiful, passionate, some-what bitter-sweet voice. Sufjan Stevens is the sort of musician you have to admit is good, even if you don;’t like his music. I like his music immensely.

  • Saw him last saturday in an old church in Reykjavik Iceland, superb concert I must say. Thanks

  • If anyone's looking for information on Sufjan Stevens you can go to what is unofficially his official site at
    Although it's hard to tell, this is actually Sufjan's label that he owns himself. But he's so humble that he puts himself on it like he's just any musician.
    Sufjan Stevens – second greatest person of all time (I haven't found the first yet).