28 Oct

Best start off your introduction to Aqueduct with the thrift store gangsta stance of “Hardcore Days, Softcore Nights,” just so you know not to mess with frontman Dave Terry. Sure, it’s wry bedroom pop on the surface, but I think he’s only half-joking about “pulling heat” if you ask him where he’s from (Tulsa, by the way, which might explain the defensiveness). But the fun only begins there… Song to song, Terry recalls any of the nerd-music-for-the-masses elite — from Ben Folds (without the Elton John fixation) to Ben Gibbard (after a few sleepless nights) — though he’s well on his way to earning his own seat at the table. At least that’s what I’d say to his face, lest I get on his bad side.

Hardcore Days, Softcore Nights [MP3, 1.6MB, 48kbps]
Growing Up With G’N'R [MP3, 3.3MB, 128kbps]
Assignment #1: Heart Design [MP3, 3.3MB, 128kbps]
Post Rock & Slightly Seasoned [MP3, 1.7MB, VBR]

  • Martijn

    FYI: at this moment, the first two songs don’t work.

  • sam

    i got all but “hardcore nights…” working. looks like barsuk may be blocking outside IPs from linking directly to MP3s (i say only half understanding what i’m saying). however, if you cut and paste into a new browser window it appears to work.

  • Marisa

    Their stuff is good. The vocals get a little annoying and overly-dramatic sounding at some points. (Heart Design) But, the melodies are addictive. Good stuff.
    Stupid OC got this band, too!

  • margherite

    catch aqueduct tonight on NBCs Late night with Carson Daily

  • michi

    hi, uhm , do u have the lyrics of hardcore days & softcore nights? if so, can u please email it to me ;) thanks!

  • Emma

    Hey, i only just got introduced to this site…n i am lovin BECAUSE it has lots of songs from the OC (my fav show) this site was created to help new unknown bands get their names heard…n that is exactly what the OC does…they promote new, fresh, indie bands…they have never put on a song by The Backstreet boys, or Hilary Duff have they???and they never will!!so please marisa, dont pay them out!
    Keep up the good work on this site!it rox, and i love this song Hardcore days and sofcore nyts by aqueduct!!

  • Mason

    I feel kind of stupid replying to a comment from almost two years ago, but this Emma seems like an idiot.