Okkervil River

10 Jun

A few months ago, The New York Times compared Okkervil River to The Decemberists, noting that both bands compose literate, obscure indie-pop songs for small-but-growing audiences. At least I think that’s what the article was about. I don’t really remember. Anyway, the songs I donwloaded back then have been sitting around on my computer, aging like a decent bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, so please let me say, “Drink away!” Start with the mellow intensity of “A Favor,” check out the pop legs of “Black,” or dive right into “For Real,” off their recently released Black Sheep Boy. For more hits at the bottle, so to speak, check out the half dozen other tracks available at the Okkervil River homepage (and please excuse my oenophilic tendencies).


For Real [MP3, 5.3MB, 160kbps]
Black [MP3, 5.3MB, 160kbps]
A Favor [MP3, 6.8MB, 160kbps]
It Ends With a Fall [MP3, 2.6MB, 96kbps]
The War Criminal Rises and Speaks [MP3, 3.5MB, 96kbps]

  • Nato

    Thanks! I have just recently learned of Okkervil River and think they make some damn good music. Following is a link to their music video for 'For Real' which is such a good song that I feel I must take a shower after listening to it because I have become so pleasurably dirty… <— What?

  • katherine

    my friend dan just played them for me.
    they were amazing, so i had to head to 3hive to see if they were here.
    lo and behold…
    i knew i could count on you guys for excellent taste.