Lately there have been all these commercials for the NYC “easy listening” radio station and despite my general aversion to anything “easy” (especially when “listening”), I’ve been fascinated by how calm the woman on the advertisement is. One has to wonder… is it the music? Well I’m not ready to throw in the musical towel yet and so my latest solution to needing a little sonic R&R is going to have to be Dntel. Dntel is definitely not going to make the evening drive line-up next to Celine Dion BUT Dntel is Jimmy Tamborello (also part of The Postal Service and Figurine)–which earns him some cred in my book. His vocals are calmer (and prettier) than Ben Gibbard’s (although BG gets points for style) and the beats are a little lighter and more folky-playful. The end result is that I can’t turn it off. It’s a lovely and complicated melange of bips and tics that also manages to calm and soothe. Interesting. It ain’t easy like I thought I wanted, but it’s just right. As always, some tracks are included here, but the intrepid listener can find the whole album on Dntel’s Myspace page…


  • If you like this stuff, def check out figurine. Jimmy's other project (which you mentioned) less like postal service more like DNtel.

  • Sub Pop does it again. I like this a lot. great post. Thanks Doug for suggesting Figurine… a soon to be favorite.

  • beth

    don't forget about his other moniker:
    JAMES Figurine.
    good stuff.

  • He's done some stuff with Erlend Oye under his James Figurine moniker, which is more than enough reason to check it out.

  • Ben

    love these two tunes, thanks.