Dan Deacon

28 Apr


There is no way you haven’t heard of Dan Deacon. And if you haven’t, well, get on it! And if you have, well… get on it! For God’s sake!

-Geena (via email), College Station, TX

P.S. This video brings me so much joy I can’t comprehend it.


Yes, I am familiar with Dan Deacon. We are failing in our mission to share the sharing for not having reviewed him sooner. Thanks for the swift kick to the head. A tragic wrong finally made right.



My Name is Robert [MP3, MB, kbps]
I Will Always Have Juice Today [MP3, MB, kbps]
Hey Let’s Go For a Ride [MP3, MB, kbps]
Mister Big Stuff Cover [MP3, MB, kbps]

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