6 Jun

Todd Osborn reflects all that is great about Detroit to me. Like many of his local influences (including legendary radio DJs The Electrifying Mojo and The Wizard), he’s a jack of all genres – producing techno, house, jungle, hip-hop, and dubstep records with equal aplomb. He’s also a restless tinkerer with many side interests including, as his latest EP on Ghostly indicates, hovercrafting. “Fire” – from that EP – is a silky smooth disco track, a synthetic blend of strings, stings, guitar, and vibraphone over a buoyant 4/4 beat. On the other hand, “The Count,” also on the EP, can only be shared in the context of its video, which lets his worldwide fans in on one of Detroit’s treasured secrets: “The New Dance Show,” a local late-night TV show that I, along with many other suburban Detroit kids, watched with great awe back in the late ’80s. Twenty years later, those moves sync up nice and tight to this exquisite slice of minimalist techno without any need for special effects magic…


from Hovercrafting EP [2009]:
Fire [MP3, 8.8MB, 192kbps]

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