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La Luz

6 Nov

Lo-fi + surf guitar + 4 part harmonies + a bit of fuzz = Seattle’s La Luz. After putting out a single and an EP, La Luz have released their debut LP, It’s Alive on Hardly Art. Have a listen to the super cool “Big Big Blood” and “Pink Slime” below, they are sure to warm your bones during the upcoming winter months. It’s Alive is available now on Hardly Art’s site.

On a sad note, La Luz were just in a really bad accident, here is what Hardly Art has to say about it… “While on their way back to Seattle to play a sold out Neumos date, the members of La Luz were in a severe van accident that resulted in ruined gear, personal injuries, merch loss, and a totaled van. For anyone interested in making a donation to help the band get back on their feet, please click here or use the donation button below.”

Buy their new LP, you won’t regret it. If you can, send a little money their way, I’m sure they can use all the help they can get.

La Luz – Big Big Blood from It’s Alive (2013)

La Luz – Pink Slime from It’s Alive (2013)

First Base

26 Oct

With 12 songs in roughly 26 minutes, songs about girls and more songs about girls, Toronto’s First Base are a pop punk band in every way. After releasing several singles and EPs over the past few years, First Base has finally released their debut self-titled LP with Hozac Records. Check out “You Can Come Over” (below), it’s pure teeth rotting candy for your ears. Snag yourself a copy now. Enjoy.

First Base – You Can Come Over from S/T (2013)

Drunk Tigers

22 Oct

With influences like The Replacements attached firmly to their sleeves, Virginia’s Drunk Tigers pound out three solid songs on their new cassette EP, out now on Funny / Not Funny Records. Opening track “Taillights” (below) is packed with power chords and pounding drums, and is the standout song on this short but sweet release. Hopefully there will be a full length release soon. You can get yourself a copy directly from Drunk Tigers’ Bandcamp page or on cassette (highly recommended) from Funny / Not Funny. Enjoy.

Drunk Tigers – Taillights from S/T (2013)

Dim Peaks

28 Sep

Dim Peaks is a four-piece band out of California. They play a smooth, quiet style of indie rock that is instantly captivating. Check out “Reason” (below), the combination of Niilo Smeds dry vocals and the tinny sounds coming from his guitar, make the song one of the standout tracks on the album.

They recently released their new LP, Time of Joy, with Gold Robot Records. You can buy it at Dim Peaks’ Bandcamp page or get it on vinyl from Gold Robot, either way you need this album in your collection. Enjoy.

Dim Peaks – Reason from Time of Joy (2013)

Bent Shapes

14 Sep

Bent Shapes are a three-piece band out of Boston. They pound out a great mix of fuzzy meets jangly garage rock that’s sure to get you bouncing in your seat. They recently released their debut LP Feels Weird with Father / Daughter Records. Check out the noodly guitars, driving beat and vocal delivery of “Behead Yrself, Pt 2″ (below), it will blow your mind! It’s one of my favorite songs right now, I can’t get enough of it.

You can snag yourself a copy of Feels Weird from Father / Daughter or from Bent Shapes’ Bandcamp page. Be sure to check them out on tour in a city near you as well.

Bent Shapes – Behead Yrself Pt. 2 from Feels Weird (2013)


5 Sep

L’anarchiste is one of Salt Lake City’s best bands going right now. What started as a solo project of Rob LeCheminant, has grown into a six-piece multi-instrumental juggernaut. Their new EP, The Traveler, has a bit of everything, from driving rhythms and hand claps, to slow, dark, heavy jams. Check out the slow-build-before-eruption track “Juneau” (below), I guarantee you will dig it. The Traveler is available to stream in full and buy from L’anarchiste’s Bandcamp page. I highly recommend it.

L’anarchiste – Juneau from The Traveler (2013)


17 Aug

I’m comfortable enough with my lack of indie cred to admit that I had no idea who Superchunk was during their heyday in the 90′s. It wasn’t until the early 00′s that I heard them for the first time. I have been a huge fan ever since.

I Hate Music, Superchunk’s tenth full length album over their illustrious 20 year career, releases Tuesday on Merge Records. It’s an excellent album, sure to please the longtime fan and grab a hold of those who are new to their music. Check out “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo” (below) it’s a 2 minute, high-energy, power pop ride that ends way too soon. It’s classic Superchunk and you will like it.

Superchunk – Me & You & Jackie Mittoo from I hate Music (2013)

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10 Aug

18 years after breaking up, the original members of Medicine are back together with a brand new album, To The Happy Few, which was recently released by Captured Tracks. Check out the sunshiny wall of noise “Long As The Sun” below. It’s loud, and tight, like they never stopped playing together, a perfect song for your end of summer mix.

Medicine – Long As The Sun from To The Happy Few (2013)

Heavy Times

31 Jul

The dense, lo-fi, garage rock of Chicago’s Heavy Times has had me captivated for the past several days. Their recently released 3rd LP, Fix It Alone out on Hozac Records, is an 18 songs in 33 minutes frenzy of jangly garage rock, heavy fuzzed-out lo-fi and in your face punk rock that will leave you exhausted and wanting more. Check out the :41 second blast of “Future Creeps” along with the fuzzed out “In My Sleep” below, both songs are killer and represent the album well. Head over to Hozac’s site and snag you a copy before they are gone, I highly recommend it. Enjoy.

Heavy Times – Future Creeps from Fix It Alone (2013)

Heavy Times – In My Sleep from Fix It Alone (2013)

Barren Girls

17 Jun

North Carolina’s all female garage punk band Barren Girls formed back in 2011. After catching the eyes and ears of Merge Records at a show back in September, they recorded this 4-song EP in their cotton mill practice space. The EP blows by at pretty scorching speeds, with only one song clocking in at over 3 minutes. Alter Ego (below) is the shortest song on the EP, it’s also the most powerful. It’s short blast of strained vocals and hi-energy music sounds like the bands rhythm section is in an all-out race to the finish with guitarist/vocalist Carla Wolff. You will definitely need to catch your breath when it’s over. Enjoy.

Barren Girls – Alter Ego from S/T EP (2013)