What is 3hive?
3hive is about sharing music that moves one of us in some way or another. We only feature artists who provide free, full-length MP3s on their websites (hence the term, “sharing the sharing”). We create one entry per artist, add MP3 links, artist and label URLs, a brief description of why we like it and post it to 3hive.

Who is 3hive?
Sam, Sean, Jon, Clay, Shan, and Joe. For more on us, check the Bios.

How often can I find new music on 3hive?
We update 3hive daily whenevs. We generally post a new artist sometime at night while our loved ones are sleeping.

Do you archive 3hive?
Yes. You can navigate to any past featured artists by selecting from the genre, label, artist, author, and date menus in our handy Navotron. We attempt to update archived entries as new MP3s become available or are taken down.

Are these MP3s legal?
We find our links to MP3s on artist and label sites and point people to them. We’re believe this means they’re free and legal for the downloading. This isn’t bulletproof legal advice, just an educated guess.

How do I download MP3s from 3hive?
Each featured artist entry contains song titles (indicated by the download icon) which are direct links to MP3s found on official artist and label websites. Mac users should CTRL-click the song title or icon to download it. Or, for our PC-using friends, right-click and select “Save Target As.” These links are not ours and can be unpredictable.

If you find any broken links, please report them to webmaster(at)3hive.com.

I downloaded the MP3s, now what?
If you like what you hear, visit the artist and label websites and show them some love. Then tell your friends by clicking on an artist’s name and emailing the page to others using our handy little email function. Whether or not you like what you hear, share your thoughts with the 3hive massive by adding your comments to the mix.

Why haven’t you covered ?
Could be that they don’t offer free, full-length MP3s on their website. Could be that we don’t like them. Could be that we haven’t got to them yet. Could be that we’ve never heard of them. Whatever the case, if you would like to recommend an artist or label, drop us a note at suggestionbox(at)3hive.com.

Why is the song data sometimes vague or non-existent on the MP3s I download through 3hive?
I see you’ve been reading Pete Ashton… We don’t create or host the MP3s we feature, we simply point to them. That means the ID3 tags are only as good as the artist or label who created them. Unfortunately, many labels and artists don’t seem to understand the frustration (not to mention lost opportunity) that results from poor tagging. Therefore, in the interest of educating, we have drafted this handy form letter:

“Dear [Artist/Label],

I am so glad you provide quality, full-length MP3s on your website. However, once downloaded they appear in my MP3 player as ‘Track 1,’ ’01-some_song,’ etc. and that makes it difficult for me to know which band to ask for when I go to my favorite music store. So, please take the extra two minutes to tag your MP3s with all the requisite info. Hell, put your website in the Comments field and I’ll buy it directly from you.

a fan who cares”

Why does this look all messed up in my browser?
We recommend using the latest in browser versions to get the full experience of the site. PC users, if you must use the Netscape 4 of our time, Internet Explorer, get the latest standalone version here. There are other options: we like Firefox. Mac users, it’s time to let go of Internet Explorer (Microsoft has served notice that this browser will no longer be developed) and look at the wonderful Safari or equally wonderful Firefox.

Why stream when I can download?
Streaming allows you preview music without filling up your hard drive. So listen along as you read our witty, insightful descriptions. And, if you like something you hear, download it for keeps and be sure to buy some merchandise from the artists and labels who made it all possible.

How do you fund 3hive?
Out of our pockets, hearts and loins, unless anyone out there has a better idea…

How on earth can I thank you?
Tell us what you think, and tell your friends.