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31 Jul

Let’s get this straight from the start: the band named Relay contained herein is the one from Philly, not Delaware, Jersey, England, or (for cryin’ out loud) Utah. This Relay is a purveyor of shoegaze updated for the new millenium. Well, perhaps not that updated, but Relay are putting out some fine shoegaze in our current millenium, reminiscent of those shoegazer stalwarts from the early 90′s, Drop Nineteens (who were from Delaware, even though this is NOT the Relay from Delaware). Relay’s Type/Void EP is out on Bubblecore on August 8th.



21 Jun

Yes, I admit, I can be quite obsessive. Case in point: Sambassadeur‘s song “Whatever Season.” I’ve got it looping in its own playlist in MP3 player. But this obsessive behavior is nothing new, as 3hive’s own Sam can testify. Back when he and I shared a room in college I went thru a Swirlies phase. Swirlies are still alive and kicking, thanks to main man Damon Tutunjian. In their prime, no one could make a racket as beautifully as them Swirlies. Now please pardon me while I load my entire Swirlies collection onto my MP3 player.



22 Feb

Sure, the name comes off like the Danish translation of “f&ck you,” their music, however, is much more inviting. Japanese vocalist, Fumie, together with British programmer, Fleck, offer a world of stuttering samples, bubbling beats, silky vocals, and, oh baby, the bass! Worldwide flavor in both Fleckfumie’s members and sound. Hit their site for streams of five more album tracks…


Mice Parade

20 Aug

Adam Pierce once again takes the bedroom dweller aesthetic more as a spiritual guide than a sonic one: skittish percussion bounces off the walls like random thoughts and warm vibes and synthesizers fill the background while his ever-gentle acoustic guitar seemingly plays for an audience of one.


Kim Hiorthoy

19 Feb

A sampling of favorites from 2003. This Scandanavian multi-talent builds mystery and melody from scraps found on the cutting room floor.