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Juan Wauters

6 Feb

Juan Wauters’ debut solo album, N.A.P. North-American Poetry, is very chill, quite the departure from his more rowdy garage-rock band The Beets. But it still has that edge, do you know what I mean?

Listen to “Water” (below), Juan’s voice plays well with his gentle guitar picking and is one of the standout tracks from the album. N.A.P. North-American Poetry is out now on Captured Tracks. I highly recommend it. Enjoy.


10 Aug

18 years after breaking up, the original members of Medicine are back together with a brand new album, To The Happy Few, which was recently released by Captured Tracks. Check out the sunshiny wall of noise “Long As The Sun” below. It’s loud, and tight, like they never stopped playing together, a perfect song for your end of summer mix.

Medicine – Long As The Sun from To The Happy Few (2013)


7 Feb

Widowspeak is a two-piece band comprised of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas. They recently released their second full length album Almanac, on Captured Tracks earlier this year. Musically they have been compared to Fleetwood Mac, but Molly Hamilton’s haunting vocals make it easy to draw a comparison to Mazzy Star. On “Ballad of the Golden Hour” (below), Hamilton’s inner Sandoval shines alongside the layers of slide and acoustic guitars to make it one of the standout tracks on the album. Enjoy.

Widowspeak – Ballad of the Golden Hour from Almanac (2013)

Stream the entire album


Captured Tracks

Mac DeMarco

20 Nov

Here is another great find from the Captured Tracks label, Mac DeMarco. Mac is out of Vancouver, British Colombia. He just released his first proper full length album, 2, back in October, and a 12 song EP called Rock and Roll Night Club earlier this spring. 2 is an excellent album, and I highly recommend it. The streaming track below, “My Kind of Woman”, from the album 2, with it’s jangly guitar and almost soft-spoken vocal delivery, is a great example of the entire album’s sound. Enjoy.

Mac DeMarco

Captured Tracks


15 Aug

Swedish punk rock…kind of hard to imagine from a country whose top exports have been outfitting the world’s middle class for decades and whose social system is famously egalitarian. But Sweden has its share of factories and, no matter how good your health benefits are, working in a factory sucks. That’s how the Holograms met: going out for drinks after their factory shift. Their brand of working class punk is accented by gravelly basslines and frayed synths (they are Swedish after all). The self-titled debut is packed with chilly, desperate war cries like “ABC City”. If you dig, get your hands on the entire album — it’s one of my top five of 2012 so far.

ABC City from Holograms (2012)


Craft Spells

2 Mar

I absolutely adore the various influences that Craft Spells have ingeniously grafted into their songs. This particular track opens with an echoey guitar riff that has a very Hawthorne, CA circa ’67 feel, if you know what I mean. Mix that with a low-fi version of New Order’s rhythms and distant Ian Curtis-esque vocals and you get a clear vision of where this Central California band’s heads are at. They don’t shy from wearing such influences on their sleeves either. Literally. Check out their album cover. Looks really familiar, right?

More power to them, I say. Such a flagrant display of their influences serve as a display of their confidence as artists and their ability to borrow and steal as such. That, and I’m just as geeked as they are about their pet sounds, and about Craft Spells’ crafty channeling of such.

The band recently announced their US tour with The Drums, plus released a single from their forthcoming EP, Gallery, due May 15th.

Craft Spells – Party Talk

Craft Spells page on capturedtracks.com