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May 15 Mixtape

10 May

May 2015 from 3hive on 8tracks Radio.

16 butt shaking, head bobbing tracks for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

1. Smile – She Took Everything
2. Lloyd Cole And The Commotions – My Bag
3. Steel Phantoms – Bedouin
4. Paces Lift & Ben Bounce – Feline
5. The Avett Brothers – Pretty Girl From Chile
6. Lady Lamb – Heretic
7. Swervedriver – Lone Star
8. Lia Ices – Lilac
9. MF DOOM – Vomit (Monster Rally Remix)
10. SILVER DAPPLE – Long Long Long Night
11. Mikal Cronin – The Way Things Go
12. Travel Check – Druggy Daddy
13. Ty Segall – Crazy
14. Jacuzzi Boys – Double Vision
15. Glycerine Queens – She Thinks She Knows
16. MADLIB – Life

April 15 Mixtape

11 Apr

April 2015 from 3hive on 8tracks Radio.

April’s mixtape is 15 solid songs sure to get your Spring started off on the right foot. Enjoy.

1. Quitty & The Don’ts – (She’s Gonna) Break Your Heart
2. Pond – Zond
3. Lady Lamb – Dear Arkansas Daughter
4. The Mites – Washaway
5. The Bodies – West End Kids
6. Halt Ever – Growing Pains
7. Cassettes Won’t Listen – Metronomes
8. BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – Ray Gun (w/DOOM)
9. Monster Rally & Jay Stone – Cognac (w/Brandon Rayson)
10. Alias – Death Watch
11. Crocodiles In Tights- Divine
12. Hater – Tot Finder
13. Father John Misty – The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment
14. LOVEBYRD – Shot From The Sun
15. Sarah Bethe Nelson – We’re Not Dead

February 15 Mixtape

2 Feb

This month’s mixtape has 11 songs that are sure to get you through the blah’s of February.

1. Albino Father – The Milk Comes In [self]
2. Darker My Love – Backseat [dangerbird]
3. Gorillaz – Kids With Guns [warner]
4. Paces Lift & Ben Bounce – Feline [wax thématique]
5. Forest World – Love More [self]
6. Leggy – Sweet Teeth [self]
7. Girls on the Beach – Highlife [self]
8. The Stents – Meet Mike Hate [hidden volume]
9. The Busy Signals – Stereo [dirtnap]
10. Springtime Carnivore – Collectors [autumn tone]
11. Gold Panda – Same Dream China [ghostly]

February 2015 from 3hive on 8tracks Radio.

November 14 Mixtape

3 Nov

It’s been a while since our last mixtape, better late than never right? The track list is below, keep in mind 8tracks doesn’t always play the mix back in the same order. Enjoy.

1. Close Lobsters – In Spite of These Times [fire]
2. Literature – Dance Shoes [slumberland]
3. Ladada – Give It Back [gold robot]
4. Lubec – Gold Protege [like young]
5. Björn Kleinhenz – Bodilla [gold robot]
6. Shockwave Riderz – Cruisin’ The Night [self]
7. Purling Hiss – Where’s Sweetboy [drag city]
8. Offenders – I Hate Myself [rabid cat]
9. Growl – Abbreviations [self]
10. Washington Social Club – On The Inside [badman]
11. Shiny Times – So Shy [self]
12. Gold-Bears – Hey, Sophie [slumberland]

November 14 from 3hive on 8tracks Radio.

March 2014 Mixtape

10 Mar

Check out this month’s mixtape featuring King Kahn & The Shrines, XTC, TV Girl and Monster Rally, Ruined Fortune, Strange Family, Vertical Scratchers, Damaged Bug, The Happies, Juan Wauters, Dirt Naps and +/-!

March Mixtape 2014 from 3hive on 8tracks Radio.

November Mixtape

18 Nov

Here are 15 tracks that are sure to meet your fancy. Featuring hits from Monster Rally, The Chemical Brothers, Black Lips, The Hold Steady, Pixies, La Luz, Bill Callahan, First Base, The Limiñanas, The Velvet Underground, Epicycle, Troubadour Dali, The Undertones and Elvis Perkins In Dearland. Enjoy.

November ’13 from simco1974 on 8tracks Radio.

August Mixtape

11 Aug

Here is a new mixtape of 14 killer songs to end your summer with. Featuring BOOM!, TV Girl, Roman Ruins, Bent Shapes, Conspiracy of Owls, Heavy Times, Young Girls, Young Hunting, Jagwar Ma, The Garden, Cuckoo Chaos, Medicine, The Sufis and Night Terrors of 1927. Enjoy.

August 2013 from simco1974 on 8tracks Radio.

5 Songs Vol. 1

3 Jan

I drive about 2 hours to and from work everyday. The drive is a drag, but it gives me the opportunity to listen to lots of music. I had the thought while driving home today, why not pick my 5 favorite songs from the daily commute, put them in a Spotify playlist, and share the mix with you? Enjoy.

October Mixtape

15 Oct

Check out October’s mixtape, featuring music from Golden VoidAllah-Las, Thee Oh SeesBeach HouseGary ValentineMarco BeneventoRay BarbeeFergus & GeronimoDeerhoofMelody’s Echo Chamber, Ringo Deathstarr, The Super Vacations, and Ty Segall. Enjoy.

October 2012 from simco1974 on 8tracks Radio.

August Mixtape

5 Aug

Check out the new mixtape from 3hive, featuring music from The Wrong Words, Foxygen, Fang Island, Beck, The Mountain Goats, Terrible Truths, Divine Fits, Japandroids, Mrs. Magician, and Fishbone. Enjoy.

August 2012 from simco1974 on 8tracks.