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Loney, Dear

17 Jan

Hailing from Jonkoping, Sweden (pronounced Yun-Shu-Ping, sorta), Loney, Dear seems to be the next installment in the “Swedes take over all music made in 2006/07″ saga and despite my confusion at how a big, cold, dark country with the same population as New York City manages to churn out one delicious pop song after another, I’m not mad at all at welcoming another artist to the family. Loney, Dear is full of upbeat, yet melancholic tracks sung in his happy/sad falsetto. Skol! (Cheers, in Svenska.)


The Elected

22 Nov

I originally wanted to make this a topical post a couple weeks ago when the Dems took the power back. Now the gag is a bit dated. It’s just been that kind of month for me… But good music is good music and The Elected make good music. Their textured folk-pop stops time and encourages introspection. The Californian quartet is fronted by Rilo Kiley guitarist/songwriter and former child actor Blake Sennett. Go vote with your wallet if you like what you hear.



23 Jul

CSS is short for cansei de ser sexy, which is Portuguese for “tired of being sexy.” Tell me about it! I’d discourage anyone who’s just sick and tired of being sexy from listening to CSS. Their playful, decadent, chocolatey dance beats are sure to get even the most tired or uptight to drop everything, kick off their shoes, and start movin’ and groovin’ and droppin’ clothing all over the room. Where’s my lady when I need her!?!?!


Chad Van Gaalen

10 May

So this Chad fellow, the story goes, has been creating music in his bedroom for years, playing all the instruments, yet never releasing it to the public. Until nineteen of his countless songs were put together on the album Infiniheart, a wonderous collection of ballads, confessions, indie rock, driving drones, and genuine songwriting. That must be some bedroom…


The Helio Sequence

3 Apr

So we just got schooled by one of our fine readers. Brittany P. wrote in with a “Currently Listening To” list of 45 bands. Everyone from The Books to Slowdive to Galaxie 500 to Boards of Canada. Then at the very end of the list was this little note: “I’m surprised none of these bands are on 3hive.” Everyone should know that we often surprise ourselves with what we haven’t featured on 3hive. It’s those surprises that keep us doing what we do. And I believe a reminder of what we do is in order: we only feature MP3s that are provided by the artists or their labels. We made that decision early on and it’s helped to differentiate us from the crazy amounts of audioblogs out there. There are a ton of bands we’d love to feature, like the ones mentioned above, but they don’t have free and legal MP3s available. That said, Brittany’s list is highly useful as I’m sure she includes more obvious oversights on our part. Like The Helio Sequence. So listen, enjoy their space-gazing sound, and if you live in the western part of the United States, be sure you see them on tour. And keep those suggestions coming!


Fruit Bats

27 Jan

I’ve been meaning to post the Fruit Bats for a while now because, well, because they’re as reassuring as a warm cup of tea. The acoustic guitar has a lovely lilt to it. The slight, overdubbed vocals don’t demand attention but get it anyway. And the alternately peppy and melancholy rhythms float on and on and on. All in all, you get the sense that the Fruit Bats respect their mothers, and a little motherly love in our indie pop could do us all some good.


Rogue Wave

23 Nov

Really, this whole music thing is pretty simple. Some people who like to play music get together, make music they like, other people who like music buy it, usually if they like it. Rogue Wave, they’re four guys who like to play music, they keep it simple, and that simple music produces some catchy, melodic, and thoughtful songs. “10:1″ brings to mind Radio Dept‘s “Liebling” and Viva L’American Death Ray Music’s “SAGGSA” (the first song here).


Wolf Parade

2 Oct

If you haven’t been already, brace yourself to get slammed with all things Wolf Parade at least through the end of the year. It’s all the rage with the cool kids, and they’re wrapping up a tour with The Arcade Fire this week, so their hip factor’s inching way up. Don’t believe a word of it until you hear it for yourself, at which point you very well may find yourself high-stepping proudly, baton in hand, leading Wolf Parade down your street. Hit the comments and let your fellow 3hive readers know where you stand…


The Constantines

28 Jul

Guess I could have waited until the new Constantines album comes out in October to post these guys, but I’m putting them up today as “the band that played twice within an hour of my house in the month of July and I missed them both times.” Ah well… In the month of July, my daughter took her first trip to NYC and went #2 on the potty for the first time; Sam and I used power tools in his backyard in July; Jon aged gracefully into his next decade in July; Clay recovered from daughter #3, and so on. Catching live the intense art punk of The Constantines would have been a great addition to this list, but, come to think of it, I actually wouldn’t mind a little down time.


Love As Laughter

12 Mar

Sam Jayne was the singer/guitarist of Lync. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I still have a special place in my heart for Lync. But this is not about Lync; it’s about the progression (or perhaps, regression, depending on your point of view) of Sam Jayne from the northwest indie rock of Lync and the early days of Love As Laughter aka LAL to the full-on rock ‘n’ roll assault of “Temptation Island” from LAL’s last LP Sea to Shining Sea. So what will LAL’s rumored 2005 album on Sub Pop bring? Listen in the order below and then start placing your bets.