Tom Vek

In one of our 2004 Year-End Lists we each named the artists we wished would make MP3s available so we could rave about them on 3hive. Well, dreams do come true, people, as I can finally cross one Tom Vek off that list — just in time for his debut album to drop Stateside. The unassuming Londoner records deliciously tense, warm, and infectious songs from his parents’ garage. Feel free to listen in your garage, or wherever else you see fit.

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  1. fresh…in the vain of the new guard of power grundge coming out of the UK. Tom Vek, first entered my ears via Itunes on KCRW, I am getting tickets to experience this young lad firsthand. If you like his stuff check out Bloc Party as well.

  2. Tom Vek is god!! ~We Have Sound~ is the best album i've heard in years.. Electro rock vibes with a difference.
    This guy should go far, not to mention the fact that he's totally gorgeous!! Anyone know if he has a girlfriend?! ;0)

  3. did anyone see tom vek on the oc? he is an amazing artist! i saw him live in an intimate gig, with about 250 in the audience at the appple store in regents street, london. his individuality just brings out scary angular dancing from everyone! i love him; come chat to us on the forum or check out tom’s site

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