I dragged myself out of my toasty-warm bed this morning only to be welcomed by a rare Southern California chill and this early holiday treat. Springfactory! And they’ve got what I never tire of: bright, sunny, Swedish-pop, delivered to the U.S.A. this winter, just in time to warm the fingertips and toes, via Series Two, a Nebraska-based CD-R label. Among the members of Springfactory are singer Lina Cullemark and Peter Gunnarson from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names. Lina also plays in a band called This Big Picture and boy it’s about time she’s got the mic. Her voice is playful and sweet and is especially endearing in the rousing “Get Out of Bed.” Springfactory released their first EP in 2005 and Series Two just put out a limited run of handmade, 10 song CD-Rs featuring the band’s two soldout EPs and two unreleased songs, including the glitchy and oh-so catchy “Peggy Pear,” an eleventh hour entry to my year-end favorites.