So nice to have Spoon back in the mix. Dig the thick groove and soulful vocals on “I Turn My Camera On,” a cross between Prince and Gang of Four. How can that be bad? Not much more booty-shaking on the album (with the exception of “Was It You?”), but lovely nonetheless.

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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Some kid was walking by singing “Knock on Wood” the other day, and it got me thinking about the Bosstones. In 1989, I played trombone in a ska band that opened for for them in Toronto. Nineteen eighty-nine! That kid probably wasn’t even born yet! And although the words “now defunct” are commonly associated with the band, I like to think they’re aging nicely, still dressed in plaid from head to toe.

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Below the Sea

If you’re looking for bright, pretty, upbeat ambient sounds, choose song #1, “Let It Happen.” If you’re looking for dark, pretty, slow ambient sounds, choose song #2, “Accord Final.” If you’re looking for more of the ambient sounds mentioned above, choose from the substantial discography of Quebec trio Below the Sea.

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The Slackers

Welcome to another installment on Ska Saturday, or, as those rude girls and boys call it, Skaturday! I’m in New York City right now, and I just can’t help but think of the great ska that has come out of this city: the Toasters, the Scofflaws, the Boilers, NY Citizens, Steady Ernest, Too True, the Slackers, and many others that I won’t list here. So join with me in enjoying the Slackers as I stroll the streets of New York.

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AM 960 The Student Undeground Network. Founded by 3hive’s own Sean way back in 1993. Our friend Scott and I hosted a ska show, making our best effort, as Scott recently said, to educate the high school youth in town about ska. We lifted the title of our show from the Skaos song “Ska Skank Down Party.” This song below is from Skaos’ brand new album Pocomania, proving to us once again that them German rude boys sure can cuss. Note: Two more songs added from earlier albums, “Too Late” and “Shout.” Enjoy!

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