Josaleigh Pollett

Josaleigh Pollett | No Woman Is The Sea |
Josaleigh Pollett | No Woman Is The Sea |

Josaleigh Pollett’s incredible new album, No Woman Is The Sea, is a powerful twelve songs about heartbreak and loss but delivered in a way that the listener can’t help but feel good about the future (even in the COVID-19 world we are all living in now).

Pollett’s vocals, guitar work, songwriting skills and band (they kill it!) are stronger than ever which can be heard on standout “Miles of Aisles” below.

No Woman Is The Sea is available digitally via her Bandcamp page and will be available on vinyl via Lavender Vinyl soon. We will also have this on our 3hive Record Lounge shelves as soon as it’s released. I highly recommend this album. It climbs up my favorites of the year each time I listen to it. Enjoy.


Broth | Simmer Down |
Broth | Simmer Down |

Broth are a 5-piece band out of Eugene Oregon. Their slow-build, horns-a-plenty, groove-filled brand of R&B/rock and soul is infectious. I’ve been listening to their new EP, Simmer Down, on repeat for the past week. They remind me of early 00’s band Scapegoat Wax, even though they don’t sound anything like them. Maybe it’s a groove thing, who knows where thoughts come from?

Check out “The Eug” (below) for a taste. Simmer Down is out now on most digital platforms. Enjoy.

Say Hi

Say Hi | Diamonds & Donuts |
Say Hi | Diamonds & Donuts |

We are huge fans of Seattle multi-instrumentalist Eric Elbogen and his Say Hi (a.k.a. Say Hi To Your Mom) project here at 3hive headquarters. Our first SHTYM post was back in 2004 and here we are almost 16 years later sending love to his newest album, Diamonds & Donuts.

Diamonds & Donuts is 13 songs of crunchy, synth-driven goodness, taking on bold and dangerous topics like happiness, missed lovers, broken hearts and seeing dead people — all wrapped up nicely behind titles like “Tiger Unicorn”, “A MacBook Pro to a Nineties Dell” and “Windsor Knots and Ruffles” — exactly what you’d expect from a Say Hi album. You can spin “Tiger Unicorn and “Grey as a Ghost” below for a taste.

Diamonds & Donuts is available worldwide now. We also have copies available at the 3hive Record Lounge. Be sure to catch Eric and Say Hi on his living room tour that kicks off in March. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Say Hi live and in person. I will never forget how cool Eric was with my daughter and I back in 2014 when I took her to see Say Hi for her first concert.

The Gonks

The Gonks | Five Things You Didn't Know About The Gonks |
The Gonks | Five Things You Didn't Know About The Gonks |

Here are ten things I know (sort of) about the Gonks’ new album Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Gonks:

  1. They are out of San Francisco.
  2. There are 2 or 4 members?
  3. Ave Lynch plays drums and Sami Perez plays bass.
  4. Their new record has been on constant rotation since arriving at the 3hive Record Lounge.
  5. They have very witty lyrics.
  6. They play an off the wall brand of lo-fi garage-pop.
  7. Eric K. thinks they sound like Habibi – I think he’s right.
  8. The album consists of 10 songs in 16 glorious minutes.
  9. The album is released on Sonny Smith’s label Rocks In Your Head.
  10. I think Sonny Smith (unverified) sings on some of the tracks.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Gonks is out now via Rocks In Your Head. You can also pick it up at the 3hive Record Lounge. Five Things… is a fabulous record that needs to be heard. Enjoy a spin of “Hot Sick Vile and Fun” and “Nuns Having Fun” below.


Trends | Palettes |
Trends | Palettes |

Trends is a 4-piece band out of Los Angeles. Their debut album, Palettes, is 9 tracks of slow building, gazey dream-pop tunes that are really pleasing to the ears. For example, on their single, “Branches” (below), Marina Paiz’s dreamy vocals gently guide you into a full on assault of scuzzy guitar accompanied by killer vocal harmonies that make you feel like you’ve just mainlined Karo syrup. It’s a really effective formula.

Palettes comes out on January 24. I highly recommend checking it out.

En Attendant Ana

En Attendant Ana | Julliet |
En Attendant Ana | Julliet |

Parisian quintet En Attendant Ana are back with their sophomore release Juillet. It’s jam-packed with all kinds of bouncy indie pop that’s sure to cure any winter blues. Check out “Do You Understand” below for an example.

Juillet is out on January 24 via Trouble In Mind, I highly recommend it.

Kiwi Jr.

Kiwi Jr. | Football Money |
Kiwi Jr. | Football Money |

Kiwi Jr.’s debut LP Football Money is a nice trip down the 90’s indie rock memory lane, think Pavement meets Possum Dixon. Give the jangly “Salary Man” a spin for a taste. Football Money is packed with enough pop to keep you bouncing for days. I think it’s cured the sinus infection I’ve been battling for the past three weeks. Thanks, Kiwi Jr.

Football Money is out now and available via Persona Non Grata Records and Mint Records. Enjoy.

Todd’s Favorites of 2019

2019 was another great year for music, below are my top ten favorite albums 2019:

  1. Business of Dreams – Ripe For Anarchy [Slumberland]
  2. Select Level – S/T [Wax Thématique]
  3. Pinch Points – Moving Parts [Roolette/Six Tonnes De Chair]
  4. Oh Sees – Face Stabber [Castle Face]
  5. Modern Nature – How To Live [Bella Union]
  6. Cherry Glazerr – Stuffed & Ready [Secretly Canadian]
  7. Trampoline Team – S/T [Hozac]
  8. Cold Showers – Motionless [Dais]
  9. Czarface – The Odd Czar Against Us! [Silver Age]
  10. Altin Gün – Gece [ATO]

Also for your aural pleasure (and my own), I have attached a handy-dandy playlist of some my favorite songs from 2019…

Rezin Tooth

Rezin Tooth | Rezin Tooth |
Rezin Tooth | Rezin Tooth |

Rezin Tooth is the secret dub project of Seattle’s Nathan Spicer along with most of his fellow bandmates from Polyrhythmics. Their self-titled debut is the “never meant to be released” album that somehow Wax Thématique is magically releasing at the beginning of 2020.

We are honored to premiere their debut single “Dub Crater” (below). It’s a laid-back, dub-filled jam flavored with hints of the funk and groove goodness Polyrhythmics are known for.

Rezin Tooth lands on January 10 and is one hell of a way to kick off the new decade. Enjoy.

Modern Nature

Modern Nature | How To Live |
Modern Nature | How To Live |

I am a big Jack Cooper fan. Mazes, Ultimate Painting and of course, his incredible solo album. I was stoked to hear about Cooper’s new project, Modern Nature, with Will Young (Beak>), Aaron Neveu (Woods) and Jeff Tobias (Sunwatchers).

On their debut album, How To Live, they combine their vast musical abilities to create 10 tracks of jazz-tinged, psychedelic rock that’s packed with layers and full of depth, which is heard throughout the entire album Check out the killer groove of “Footsteps” (below) for an example.

How To Live is available now via Bella Union. I highly recommend it.