The Advantage

The Advantage, well, they’re a cover band, pure and simple. The thing is, they only cover Nintendo tunes. Get ready to re-live hours and hours of wasted time as a teenager.

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Calexico sound at home in whatever spin they put on their decidedly Southwestern flavor — from smoldering mariachi (“Stray”) to box-step blues (“Sunken Waltz”). Tequila not included.

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UMass Percussion Ensemble

Fantastic cover of the Radiohead epic. Talk about Schoolhouse Rock. Could this song be the “Smoke on the Water” or “Smells Like Teen Spirit” of the new millenium? (source: Coudal)

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Citizens Here and Abroad

Traveling along the same musical path, two bands reach a fork in the road. Velocity Girl chooses the bubblegum path; Citizens Here and Abroad press forward on the noisey pop path.

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