The Red Faced Laughter

I think I can safely speak for all of us here when I say we’re suckers for a great pop song. We’ll even settle for a relatively good pop song. By pop I mean a song that begs to be sung along to. Occassionally, however, it’s good to drop in and turn up music that you can crash a car to. Enter The Red Faced Laughter. A Texas trio that excels at mangling things up a bit. This is a complete EP, Brokenear #4, released on the German net label Broken Ear Records. They remind me a lot of Sunny Day Real Estate, the vocals mostly, but with a more noisy, improvisational style of playing. This one’s for everyone who likes their coffee black—no cream, no sugar, no fluffy latte—this is the stuff that Will Farrell’s character in Elf was so excited to share as “The World’s Greatest Coffee.”

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