Sister Vanilla

Props to Clay for digging up the Super 5 Thor gem! Speaking of The Jesus & Mary Chain…after ten long years the Reid brothers have made nice and have invited us all to their family reunion—including Jim and William’s sister Linda. We heard Linda on The Jesus and Mary Chain’s last album, Munki, and all I can really say is it’s about time. It’s about time the Reid brothers are back (along with TJ&MC alumin Ben Lurie), and it’s about time they get their sister in on the act. Her whispery delivery fits so well with her brothers’ fuzzed-out pop songs. The family recipe has been around for years, but it’s never sounded so fresh.

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The Delgados

Alas, the Delgados, Glasgow’s finest indie rockers/popsters/scenesters, ended their 10-year run when they announced their breakup last August. Thankfully, they’re continuing on with their other projects, including the record label Chemikal Underground, which has released the likes of Arab Strap and Malcolm Middleton. Plus, we can all still enjoy their music, like this beauty off their debut album Domestiques.

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Malcolm Middleton

Malcolm Middleton is one half of Scotland’s Arab Strap. On his second solo album, Malcolm expands on his earlier work and the sounds he churns out for Arab Strap. Folksy one minute, almost danceable the next, Malcolm shares the highs and lows with equal beauty. But make no mistake, this being Scottish, the self-loathing is still there; just listen to the chorus of “A Happy Medium.”

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