The Expos

I’m starting to think we need a “ska” genre field; maybe “other” just doesn’t cut it. On the ‘hive, we’ve had German ska, New York ska, Boston ska-core, and of course the skanking from the North. The Expos naturally fit that category. When I web-searched the band, I half expected their site to show up above that of the defunct Montreal baseballers. (Those Expos were #1, these were #4.) Either way, you can go ahead and download “Little Red Hook” and put a little jump up in your day.

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The One Night Band

So this is what old school ska/reggae sounds like in Montreal. Reminds me a bit of those early Bob Marley recordings when he had short hair and wore matching outfits with Rita and Peter Tosh. “Who feels it knows it…” Singing in both English and French, The One Night Band’s debut album, Way Back Home came out summer 2006. Hey Sam, how do you say “rude boy” in French?

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