The Cansecos

“You know what I feel like doin’? I feel like struttin’…”
Another wonderful find courtesy of the CBC Radio 3 podcast. This Toronto quartet serves up warm, disco-tinged percolators guaranteed to put a little pimp in your limp. Or something like that.

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The Russian Futurists

Last week I was fortunate enough to be driving around the Tuscan countryside with some good friends (including our aforementioned legal counsel), listening to Scott’s iPod via iTrip whenever the crowded radio dial allowed. The Russian Futurists’ “Still Life” burst through the static with a playground-simple blend of orchestral washes, a loping drum pattern, and intimate lyrics. Upon returning home to my broadband connection, I did some Googling to find that Matthew Hart (the man behind The Russian Futurists) has been turning out such triumphant heartbreak jams since 2001, and I am certainly not the first to notice. His latest, The Thickness, though, shows enough polish to position The Russian Futurists as a less sterile and equally infectious Postal Service. Mr. Hart is currently touring with Caribou and Junior Boys (June 9 at The Magic Stick, Detroit!), catch him if you can.

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