Gnarls Barkley

So, Gnarls Barkley. You might have heard of these guys, eh? Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo? Yeah, they’re kind of popular, with two records of sweet beats and smooth vocals, and an EP with versions of the song below. Oh, and a pair of Grammys, also. Yep, here at 3hive, we’re glad to introduce you to the cutting edge of new music!

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Teargas & Plateglass

Label this track from Teargas & Plateglass “dark.” Not dark like teen angst dark, but dark like Darfur, like the Balkans, like Kenya, like Cambodia. Dark like genocide. Dark like 4,000 more U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq than W.M.D.s found in Iraq; that kind of dark. “One Day Across the Valley” is almost too much; the percussive drum track, the spoken word memory of pure violence, the sparseness of the sound. Like the photos from My Lai or Rwanda, you want both more and less in the given output — more justice, less brutality, more hope, less reality. “I felt a lot of pain,” says the narrator, and it’s hard to understand how this could not be a universal response. From the album Black Triage, with accompanying videos available on the band’s website.

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Causes 1 – Darfur Charity Album

For 90 days starting Tuesday, November 27th, the Causes 1 charity album will be available on iTunes. Three relief organizations — Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam America — will receive 100% of the proceeds, earmarked for relief in Darfur, Sudan. The album is the inaugural edition in a Causes series offered by Waxploitation; the brief window of avilability, according to the label’s founder Jeff Antebi, is designed “to create a sense of urgency – to mirror what is a dire situation in Darfur.” Participating artists: Animal Collective, The Black Keys, Bloc Party, Bright Eyes, Cornelius, The Cure, David Sylvian, Death Cab for Cutie, (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Shins remixed by Clint Mansell, Spoon, Teargas & Plateglass, Thievery Corporation and Travis. A limited edition CD can also be pre-ordered at the Waxploitation website, listed below. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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