Kids These Days

We’re all about the collective thing here at 3hive, intentionally subverting capialistic dominance within the U.S. economic system and all that… you know, sharing the sharing. Kids These Days are sympathetic to the cause, offering free MP3s and proclaiming themselves “card carrying members of the White Whale collective,” a Vancouver-based musicical syndicate comprised of, among others, 3hive vet Mohawk Lodge. While the tunes these kids are playing won’t shatter any socio-political hegemonies or even urge you to paste a “Subvert the Dominant Paradigm” sticker on the bumper of your car, they are pleasant, melodic, poppy and fun.

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Mohawk Lodge

It’s been a wild past few weeks, so I’ve been self-medicating with Mohawk Lodge’s “Making Music,” a lithe and oddly optimistic track for these drowsy folksters. “At any rate, we’re dying/Why not drown ourselves in song?” Couldn’t have put it better myself.
(Buy the CD at Scratch Records.)

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