• all girl summer fun band is my favorite band. i am in love with them.

  • Louisa Alsen

    They're like the Apples In Stereo only girl-i-fie. As one of my friends said, "They're cute. Cute. Yeah- cute."
    And that my friends, let me indulge in bright colors and hearts and rainbows. Anything that does that, has to be cool.

  • The Raddest Dude Ali

    *abrupt end*
    *glance around*
    *ass scratch*
    *satisfied smile*
    *continues headbanging*

  • He Who Drops

    They don't sound anything like The Apples in Stereo…
    You must be deaf. And hairy.

  • No Way, Jose. Boil t

    Lay off the kid. She probably is just over-excited.
    Girly music will do that to you. (Erection anyone?)

  • Enterstein

    i love this band but it's hard to find their album in my country in indonesia 🙁