Modern Americana blues from Hawthorne, CA — home of Black Flag and the Beach Boys, though these guys sound more like Grandaddy.


  • I looooove Dios. I saw them live with The Walkmen and they were much better than them. Plus, you gotta love their circa 1995 style website design.

  • christine

    Yes, their sound is quite calming. I love it.
    I thought their name was Dios Malos?

  • bitofafan

    yea i thought they were called dios malos too.
    cos i have some of their stuff off the oc. and the name is definitely dios malos.
    just to clear that up.

  • sam

    yeah, they had to change their name to dios malos sometime after i posted this… i think due to a lawsuit from ronnie james dio (or is that just an ugly rumor?)

  • Alex

    Not a rumour…
    I got it straight from the horse's mouth. (Stupid Ronnie James Dio, they couldn't a fford a lawyer). They changed to Dios Malos, but they do, and always will rock. Buy the album, losers!