18 Jul

UK post-rock trio, not unlike Tortoise, prone to toy with electronic and sometimes jazzy improvisations. Although Fridge can sometimes resort to experimentation for experimentation’s sake, these tracks are a fine sampling of their more accessible work. FYI: Fridge has spawned two solo projects, Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) and Adem (Adem Ilhan).

Ark [MP3, 7.3MB, 128kbps]
Cutup Piano And Xylophone [MP3, 3.0MB, 160kbps]
Lign [MP3, 625KB, 128kbps]
Lojen [MP3, 3.8MB, 128kbps]
Surface Noise and Electric Piano [MP3, 6.1MB, 192kbps]

  • drwrong

    superb listening pleasure