Juana Molina

In Latino circles, this same Juana Molina is best known as the star of “Juana y Sus Hermanas,” an Argentinian sketch comedy TV series. In my circle, she’s famous for delicate, undulating serenades that are both timely and timeless. Talk about range…


  • Daniel

    "In latino circles…" is a weird definition.. imho.
    Juana is a great artist, with a great self-discipline and actitude for the art. His father is a tango crooner, and his mother an actress. She is the result of both talented parents (sorry for my english!)
    By the way, she is a terrifying persona!!!

  • M o I

    website is down

  • She opened for the Savath & Savalas tour a few months ago, and (not counting Susie Ibarra’s drumming) I thought she stole the show.

  • mmhmm

    down 🙁

  • sam

    her site tends to be hit or miss. it loaded for me a few minutes ago – jump on it! 🙂

  • Jim


  • juan pablo

    does anyone know how to get a clip from her tv show back in the 90's? I would love to see her characters, she was genius.
    juan p

  • Javier

    Juana te vi en tv y ahora escuchando tu producciÛn discografica !!! Unico … lo m·ximo !!! Original !!!
    Gracias por compartir tu creatividad