27 Aug

To be fair, if we do one Apples’ side project, we’ve got to another, right? This time it’s Robert Schneider, going where no Brian Wilson has gone before, and that’s rock ‘n’ roll. Quite a change of direction, but this is probably what he sings in the shower.


The Falcon [MP3, 3.3MB, 192kbps]
Glacier [MP3, 3.8MB, 192kbps]

  • http://evisitations.com/archives/2004/07/21/questionable-intelligence/ Questionable Intelli

    Robert Schneider: the nicest man in rock 'n' roll. He knows a thousand ways to say hello and goodbye and he uses them all every time.
    Robert, if you happen across this, "Hi" from Josh. Hope to see you around Athens some time soon.