Saturday Looks Good to Me

Fred Thomas leads this band of Detroit’s finest, an ever-changing lineup of musicians bringing back all that was good from ’60s pop music. Reverb-drenched boy-girl vocals, the gently strummed guitars (also reverb-drenched), it’s all here. But make no mistake, SLGTM ain’t plagiarists. They add their own originality, which makes their music so refreshing. And yes, Sam, I said Detroit.

  • sam

    DE-TROIIIIT!!! also, i love that you posted saturday looks good to me on a saturday… man, you know how to make me happy.

  • Ah, Sam baby, it's a deluxe thang…

  • not to mention that shit's recorded on a four track!

  • di

    saturday looks good to me…
    One word.

  • Flaming City

    Yup, seeing them tonight!