Taken from young Conor Oberst’s rockin’ thesis on everything wrong with modern-day U.S.A., this is my last attempt to get out the vote. Here’s to a brighter future, so Conor can go back to singing about failed relationships with movie stars…

  • One of my favorite bands, I’m hugely awaiting their 2005 album.

  • Christophe

    Christophe does not seem to be able to access the site, it times out 🙁

  • a friend introd me to this guys’ beauty. I’m still near virgin to them however. Can’t wait to get more.

  • Conor Oberst is fucking hawt.

  • I definately am not digging the Desaparecidos invisible symbolism. oh wait, is there any? Don't get me wrong I'm a fan just a little… bored and antsy for some new Bright Eyes material.

  • kate

    ahh conor oberst is fucking gorgeous 🙂 <33

  • Matt

    This band is f—ing awesome. This band is better than Bright Eyes.

  • Annie

    To sum it up in a single word- Brilliant,
    I prefer Desaparecidos to Bright eyes by far.

  • conor oberst is the best person alive. i’d have t say i like bright eyes more though….they’re both brilliant.
    <3 dead sexy too.

  • kell

    i love desaparecidos, but it’s so hard to get a hold of any of their cds that i am more familiar with bright eyes. still, they’re so different it’s hard to really compare.

  • jemima

    he is so fucking sexy
    i heart bright eyes

  • sobes

    desaparecidos is a great band, but bright eyes is still better. i would love any kind of music that conor oberst makes. desa is really good, i can’t wait for their album. do they have any shows?

  • carlos

    desaparecidos fucking owns bright eyes by far. bright eyes has turned to crap recently.

  • eye heart her

    Bright Eyes Is And Always Be #1

  • jimminy

    love bright eyes and desaparecidos both soo much. conor oberst is a hottie with talent…