The Futureheads

Full disclosure: The first record I bought was an XTC 7-inch of “Helicopter,” with the B-side “Ten Feet Tall.” That’s back in the day when radio was really, really cool. I heard “Helicopter” on Mighty Six Ninety, an early AM alternative station out of San Diego. Bought the record the next day at Music Market, and played it over and over again on my parent’s hi-fi that was as big as a coffin. There should be no wonder then as to why I’ve taken a fancy to The Futureheads…

  • Todd Smmons

    These guys are rad. Thanks!

  • Best Futureheads song ever? Their cover of Kate Bush's "Hounds Of Love"–best cover I've heard all year.

  • Sean, you’re from San Diego? Sweet! Still there?

  • Ulan Bator

    Ah! Another XTC fan. 'Tis music to my ears. And the Futureheads rock too. Probably the best of the current post-punk revivalists coming out of Blighty. Hell of a lot better than the massively overrated Razorlight.