Of Montreal

26 Jan

There’s something about good music where you can always remember the circumstances when you were first introduced to it. More than a few years ago, my brothers and their friends, collectively known as the “Dirty Boys” for their fear of bathing, would gather for weekly soccer games while they were still in high school. I always played with them, despite being the only one who owned a proper pair of soccer boots, and boy did we have some good games. After one of those games, we having defeated a neighborhood Hispanic team who just showed up that day, BW Appleseed, as Brian was called, pressed into my hand a Holly Johnson tape. Holly Johnson?!! Well, on one side was handwritten “The Minders,” and on the other was scrawled “Of Montreal.” Of Montreal have their roots in Athens and the Elephant 6 collective, and they make just wonderfully eclectic pop. And I’ve still got that tape.

06/22/06 Update: Of Montreal Remixed

Disconnect the Dots [MP3, 4.1MB, 128kbps]
Good Morning Mr. Edminton [MP3, 2.5MB, 128kbps]
A Question for Emily Foreman [MP3, 2.5MB, 128kbps]

Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games) [MP3, 3.9MB, 128kbps]
Requiem for Omm 2 [MP3, 2.1MB, 128kbps]

  • http://blogs.codepuccino.com/metacosm UBiK

    You might want to fix the links: you're missing a closing double quote at the end of the href attribute…

  • http://thevisitations.com/ Questionable Intelli

    R.I.P. Emily Foreman.
    She was run down by a car a few months ago.
    (Emily was a cat.)

  • http://www.3hive.com clay

    I offer my deepest sympathies for the loss of Emily Foreman.
    Thanks, the links are fixed. That's what I get for trying to type and listen to Of Montreal at the same time…

  • http://www.pinchworm.com Dan
  • http://www.3hive.com clay

    Of Montreal's website has 22 MP3s available for free download, including their covers of songs by the Shins and Broadcast, among others. Hopefully, the three presented here will lead readers to the rest.

  • http://www.kicksomeball.blogspot.com Brian J.

    Wow, I love what I'm hearing. Off to their website. Thanks for bringing them to our attention!

  • emily foreman

    this is your cat, my name is emily foreman and i have come from the dead to say hello……
    why have you made a website about me!? idiots!