South Ambulance

That Sambassadeur post sent me on a Swedish shoegazing spree. That’s right, a spree. In case you doubt there is such a thing, I present you with South Ambulance. Also Swedish, also shoegazerly. When their press frequently references Ride, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Television Personalities (and I’d add Galaxie 500 just to sweeten the deal), you know you’re in for a dreamy, melancholy treat.

  • That mp3 was incredible! Goodness me, how do you find these things?
    I did hear some J&MC in there…

  • Five more mp3s at
    but this one is the best by far. Also, Labrador has it as a wav, so that you can burn it on a cd without loss of quality. 🙂

  • simone

    fuck, that¥s the best song for ages. have to buy right away . . .

  • Thomas Houston

    finally got around to listening to this track. thanks a lot, i'm really enjoying it!

  • just got done listening to this CD for the first time and it’s yet another excellent Labrador release. a bit more “rock” than most of their stuff, though. in a perfect world “Die 5Times Times5” would be blasting from every car stereo all summer long. if you like this, definitely give a listen to The Legends and The Radio Dept.

  • I love South Ambulance – wonderful Swedish music… Sweden has given us one more talented band!