Youth Group

A mature, well-crafted, dark bit of pop by an Australian trio who, if they enjoy any kind of longevity, are gonna have to face the music when they’re not so youthful. Hell, it’s worked for Sonic Youth after all these years. Perhaps by invoking youthfulness, they actually tap into the fabled fountain. I back Woody Allen’s take on the matter when he says, “I want to achieve immortality by not dying.”

  • palmer

    straight forward simple goodness. very, very nice.
    i want more.

  • amanda

    they sang a cover of “Forever Young” and it’s really good

  • Paulie

    Getting a bit of momentum here in Australia and just 'guest programmed' Rage (a music clip show in oz). Here's a link to their playlist. It gives a good insight to their influences.

  • Ila Skywalker

    oh, I love them

  • idtyird

    This makes no sense….you have the crappiest music selection