Why? hits full stride on their new Sanddollars EP. More straight-forward, sing-along melodies and hooky choruses replace the usual meandering, stumble-along style. Consider Why? the hip-hop generation’s answer to They Might Be Giants. And it couldn’t have happened a moment too soon…


  • they're pretty fat…you know, with a uh, PH.

  • sigazze

    darla is the best (new) song i've heard in months. thanks!

  • elizabeth

    i agree that they're good, but i don't think they should be listed under hip-hop. much more like cute indie pop.

  • I'd call it more lo-fi electro folk. He got the 'hiphop' label from his earlier stuff and with other anticon collabs.

  • Hahaha/you'll know where you're plane is
    is da best song in the history of the world