Radio 4

9 May

My sister Christy saw these guys play at Coachella a couple weeks back and sent me an email asking what I knew of them, especially their percussionist (what is this, a dating service?). To my embarrassment, I knew nada. After reading up, I see that one of their two singers is Anthony Roman, formerly of Garden Variety, who I do know for his ragged, plaintive punk of some 10 years back. After listening up, I hear funky homage to Britain’s most danceable post-punk bands (Wire, Gang of Four, The Clash) and the feelgood politics of NY peers !!! and Out Hud. So thanks, sis, for keeping your brother’s ear to the street (apparently the Mitubishi ad they were featured in didn’t do it) — and happy birthday!

Party Crashers (Headman Vocal Remix) [MP3, 5.5MB, 128kbps]
Sink So Low [MP3, 4.4MB, VBR]
Eyes Wide Open [MP3, 3.4MB, 128kbps]
Dance to the Underground [MP3, 3.8MB, 128kbps]
Calling All Enthusiasts [MP3, 2.9MB, 128kbps]

  • christyc

    do i have the best brother or what?

  • Anna

    Great Band!! I love them! Thanks for your great site, I look forward to downloading the songs everyday!

  • Cheryl

    I love this band's sound.