The Promise Ring

I’ve been saving The Promise Ring for a special occasion and I finally have one. This post goes out to two Southern girls who recently joined the 3hive fam. First, Kiera Siobhan, Clay’s third daughter, who was born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 1. Second, Miss Sydney Meeks who married our Shan Fowler in her hometown of Beaufort, South Carolina on June 4. You see, The Promise Ring have a well-documented obsession with lyrical wordplay, ridiculous hooks, and Southern girls (e.g., “The Deep South,” included, and “Perfect Lines,” which you’ll have to buy). Obsession may seem like an overstatement but keep in mind they’re from Milwaukee, so “Southern” can refer to Chicago as far as they’re concerned. In any case, mad congrats to both Clay and Shan!

  • There's another special occasion…
    Literally just announced about 20 minutes ago. TPR are getting back together to play the 6 day show in November.

  • Joe

    Please god I hope they get back together for good. They are amazingt and should. Or at least come to New Jersey so my life would be complete.

  • Funkie

    Very nice design 😉 Good work,webmaster!

  • tina

    i cant find any apparel for the promise ring