Acid House Kings

How about a blissful pop treat this last Sunday of summer? I know, it’s not technically, but come on, once September rolls around, summer’s over. Anyway, Acid House Kings (featuring members of Club 8 and The Legends) create amazingly pure pop songs and invite us all along for the fun: lyrics and instrumental MP3s are available online and you can add your own vocals to the mix and perhaps be included on a forthcoming EP. Swedish music hasn’t been this fun since ABBA!

  • Gary

    I’m amazed that Sweden has produced so many brilliant pop bands, e.g., Acid House Kings, Starlet, Aquadays, Happydeadmen, Leslies, Club 8, etc.
    And of course, ABBA.

  • diana

    I love this band.But it’s difficult for me to undersand every word exactly in their lyrics , because I’m a girl live in China. Would you like to tell me about the lyrics about ?
    Thanks a lot.

  • An

    you can add my msn,, I like lots of swedish bands too. 🙂

  • tina tralala

    it’s a great for listening when i drink cup of tea…
    it’s very simple and easy listening…
    i like it.. ;D

  • what a brilliant band!
    such summery, happy pop songs 😀
    awesome stuff!

  • This is not acid house so why the misleading name? Its inoffensive pop and has nothing at all to do with acid house or are you trying to confuse ppl?

  • cesar pavia

    without acidhousekings life is nothing.hehehehe

  • nanx

    your band is so cool…
    may i download your video?