Wolf Parade

If you haven’t been already, brace yourself to get slammed with all things Wolf Parade at least through the end of the year. It’s all the rage with the cool kids, and they’re wrapping up a tour with The Arcade Fire this week, so their hip factor’s inching way up. Don’t believe a word of it until you hear it for yourself, at which point you very well may find yourself high-stepping proudly, baton in hand, leading Wolf Parade down your street. Hit the comments and let your fellow 3hive readers know where you stand…

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  • Well I like it! Where are they from? (I’m an Aussie in Scotland — any chance of seeing them play anywhere?)

  • Jere

    They are a band from Victoria, BC, Canada, who are based in Montreal. I am going to see them perform tonite with Arcade Fire, and I couldn't be happier.

  • Todd S

    eh, they’re alright. a bit overrated in my opinion, just like the Arcade Fire. i think this is why the cool kids won’t hang with me. i just don’t get it.

  • Anna

    love these guys! i've been a fan for awhile. their new ep was just released. thanks for featuring the WP.

  • haha, i don’t “get” the arcade fire and wolf parade either.
    give me the new pornogrophers instead (another BC based band)

  • Tommy

    Again, overrated.

  • Matt

    I love the new Wolf Parade album, I got it the day it came out. The Arcade Fire is also amazing. A band that is completely overated is The new pornogrophers, I don't get them at all.

  • Li

    Eh, like, but not so much. A little overrated in my opinion. Good for an appetizer but it’s not the full meal.

  • joel

    More hipster dreck.

  • Oh here we go again. I like Wolf Parade. I like the New Pornographers. I like the New Pornographers more than Wolf Parade. I like the Arcade Fire more than Wolf Parade. I like the New Pornographers more than The Arcade Fire. But I like Jimmy Eat World more than all of these bands…
    Yeah, I know. Bye bye indie cred!

  • Tony

    Saw Wolf Parade and Arcade Fire last nite in Calgary.
    Arcade Fire put on a great show. All members of the band are great musicians.
    Wolf Parade had some good tunes, but overall, in my opinion, not very good. Too much time spent shouting with incomprehensible lyrics. Tough to get into in a live setting; although had one or two good sounding songs.

  • Lola

    I truly enjoy WP. I actually had an interesting conversation with a guy at a bar in Toronto last night. He had just heard the song "I'll Believe in Anything" and had loved it so much that (i guess after a few drinks) proceeded to move about the streets of Toronto attempting to express the song physically. I really loved that. They're good. It's all good.

  • Jordan

    I think those who simply dismiss the band as "overrated" because they're more "hipster dreck" are being more ridiculous than those who latch onto WP because they're the indie band of the moment. Hipster kids and critics overrate everything, whether they're bad (Converse Chuck Taylors, f*ckin' Xiu Xiu fer chrissakes) or excellent (sports jackets, Pabst Blue Ribbon, etc.) so thank you, Captains Obvious, for pointing out that WP is "overrated."
    Anyway, I must say that I enjoy the new WP album very much. Take the good parts of Bowie and update it with a sometimes choppy, sometimes bouncy sound, throw in melodic structures that work, a little synth in the background for garnish and caterwauling vocals that serve to provide more emotion than esthetics, and you've got WP. Critics are comparing them to the Pixies, but they're lazy idiots who probably wrote inane sh*t like "Interpol sounds like Joy Division" and "Futureheads sound like Wire" last year.
    I know that my explanation above makes very little sense and was probably very annoying to read. For that, I am sorry. But for some reason, throw all of it together, and the sound seems to make sense to me. I guess there really is no disputing taste.

  • They should call it Modest Wolf

  • Françoi

    wow, it's like a contest here… to see who is the best indie group. Maybe you don't like WP or AF or even The Dears. It's like overrated: what does that mean anyway. Oh i see, the Great Truth. Now i have it.
    Happy that the Montreal scene has the attention now.

  • peter

    wolf parade is very good. what's up with canada? so much good music coming from canada.
    i love canada!

  • EJ LE DJ

    I can't believe you guys. All these bands are great bands. Wolf Parade, The Aracade Fire, The New Pornographers. You guys shoul all just relax and enjoy all of the great music that is coming out. Personally I think that Wolf Parade is amazing. Their sound is so truthful and deep. However, The White Stripes top them all. Kick Out The Jams!

  • Grigori Misutin

    What is all this crab. This is not soulful russian balalaika-musik or even kazakstani hemorrhoid-rock. I decline this crab. Go away all of you.

  • travis

    these guys are good, i dig them.
    and I must assert that Arcade Fire has one of the best things goin on right now– mind blowing originality and overall sound..to me, they sound very very good, that's me. i suggest any doubters listen to Funeral and their B-Sides and Unreleased album. good stuff. aloha

  • Paul the Man

    I have just heard Wolf Parade and I am excited that so many good bands seem to be coming out of Canada. I think their music is as enjoyable as Arcade Fire's and just wish you could all just open your ears forget the hype and enjoy them for what they are a good Canadian Band.

  • K

    I love Their music so so much. I wish they would come to Australia and do a concert in Brisbane (HINT, HINT), that would be the most awesomest thing on the face of the planet.
    keep up the exceptional work:)

  • justin

    I think this band is great. It's easy to hear the Arcade Fire influence but I don't this detracts from the band's sound much. Good post.

  • More like Talking Heads influence, which is where The Arcade Fire bases their sound.

  • yes.
    i love wolf parade.
    and yes, shut the hell up about whether a band is overrated too.
    i also love, basically every band you all have mentioned so far.

  • Oh, I got here too late and the tracks are gone 🙁

  • boba

    i heard them and loved them. the best band ive heard in a long time, issac bruce from modest mouse did an amazing job producing it; you can definitely hear his touch in the songs and wow, modern world is one of my favourite songs. awesome album! get it if you dont already.

  • Mike

    When you get beyond the melodies and the catchy tunes and listen to the lyrics I find that you'll love the band even more. they not only sound good but have something to say. Words are expensive and their lyrics are pricless

  • Twitch

    If you run, put Wolf Parade in your and head out on your favourite route. You'll take MINUTES off your 10 K.