After shunning major labels in her native Japan, Caroline Lufkin made her way back across the Pacific (she went to college in Boston) to California to begin work on an album with a wide array of producers (the producer in question here is Norway-born Andreas Bjorck). Maybe it’s because the weather has finally dipped below 50º here in L.A. but the shimmering, icy cool textures of “Where’s My Love” just warms the toes and has kind of ushered in the holiday season for me. It’s knocked me out my frantic rush of daily life and I half expect to see snowflakes falling during a perfect, sunny day here. Her voice, it’s magic.

  • awesome awesome! I love that album art and the song is amazing. It makes me want to look at an old photograph of a loved one.

  • fletcher

    oooh thank you so much for this song!! it is beautiful and i love it

  • Tuan

    This song is so great!!! Are there any other songs of this singer

  • Wow, nice. I’m in like.

  • a-nun-knee-mousse

    too cheesy.

  • middle john

    This song seems to silence everything else. Im watching the snow fall right now and the song fits perfectly.

  • jason

    I just checked this out from iRiver and it’s a great song…very addicting and smooth. Can’t wait for the album, if someone finds out about an album, LET ME KNOW!

  • SC

    Thanks for posting this song. It’s great, your description was spot on!