28 Dec

Swedish. Pop. Labrador Records. Silly. Dark. A concept. Songs about a Japanese female assasin. Thrilling costumes. Songs about murder and sex. Not really a band. Genius.

Meet Me Here [MP3, 5.0MB, 192kbps]
Keep Your Love [MP3, 4.1MB, 160kbps]

  • travis

    these English-as-a-second-language pop artists blow my mind!

  • Whitney

    I’m in love.
    i love this so much

  • ridge bardo

    well i guess SOMEone needs to fill the void that the Unicorns left

  • Jordan

    Rad-tastic. Everybody needs a little Loveninja!

  • Ross

    not enough canadian-dance-grit to fill the unicorn shaped hole in my heart, but loveninjas are very terrific!