Metal Hearts

Sorry, no stories about scars on fingers today, even though I have two nice scars (and stories to match!) on my right thumb. I can just picture in my mind young Sean standing with his finger stuck in the car door waiting for Mom to notice.

Today we have Metal Hearts, two youngsters from Baltimore whose debut album Socialize is due out on February 21. Their label compares them to Modest Mouse, Arab Strap, and Cat Power, and I’m gonna throw in that they resemble a toned down version of Bishop Allen. Part moody, part carefree, the title track “Socialize” is a tasty appetizer from the new album.

  • Wow, they sound a whole bunch like a moodier Bishop Allen. Which reminds me: When is the new BA album really going to come out?

  • Alex

    very am-an-set too

  • So… what's with the thumb?

  • mark

    I picked up a press copy of theirs in my local record store. I really like it. I'm excited to hear what they'll release next.

  • matt

    This song just makes me want more… After listening to it I didn't know what to listen to next to maintain that groove if you will… I settled for Heroin.