Fruit Bats

I’ve been meaning to post the Fruit Bats for a while now because, well, because they’re as reassuring as a warm cup of tea. The acoustic guitar has a lovely lilt to it. The slight, overdubbed vocals don’t demand attention but get it anyway. And the alternately peppy and melancholy rhythms float on and on and on. All in all, you get the sense that the Fruit Bats respect their mothers, and a little motherly love in our indie pop could do us all some good.

  • Fruit Bats make me a better man …or no.oh shit.I like this album a lot.

  • I like it. Is that a dreidel on their album cover?

  • rayhan

    i'm very glad you guys posted this.. just what i needed 🙂

  • travis

    ohh, merci. I forgot I have been waiting for these guys for so long,
    and now I have their sweet songs!

  • Nice. Anything to do with The Shins?

  • I've been digging the fruit bats for a while now; fantastic little band. If you'd like to see it, I have a video for Lives of Crime posted here:

  • Lex

    These guys remind me of the shins… very mellow… I like it. It makes me happy. 🙂

  • Andrea

    I especially like "Lives of Crime." Thanks.

  • zoom

    The Fruit Bats and (head) bat Eric will be coming to town! Love their performances.

  • man

    fruitbats are awesome!!!!