Girls Against Boys

Clay’s Moose post got me thinking, Am I even capable of narrowing down my personal all-time Top 5 songs? I could probably do artists or even albums, but songs for me are more specific to certain people, places, and time. When I stumbled across this stash of genius charmers Girls Against Boys, a flood of memories returned from a hazy, crazy summer when I took a few classes, worked at a CD store, and lived in an extremely well air-conditioned condo with my pals Kent, Matt, and Danger. As I try to recreate the house rotation I specifically recall a conversation Danger and I had about “In Like Flynn” (both the expression and the song from Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby). My fave GVSB tracks would actually come out a year later on Cruise Yourself (see “Kill the Sexplayer”), but I didn’t know that at the time. For the curious, here are my Top 5 Non-GVSB Songs of the Summer of 1994:
Soul Coughing “Down to This,”
Jawbox “Savory,”
Fluf “Sticky Bun,”
Beastie Boys “Sure Shot,”
Ride “Let’s Get Lost.”

  • jon

    My top 5 GVSB would have to include "Bulletproof Cupid". Did you see the boys backing Gina Gershon on her IFC show?

  • the only thing hotter than GVSB is Gina frontin' them-Rocked (or Fucked as she wanted to call it) w/Gina Gershon was great!

  • The first time I heard GVSB was riding around in the back of my friend's car in high school. His buddy made a Touch&Go records mix tape, so we all skipped class and drove around smoking. I later saw GSVB on a series of 7inchers called "Jabberjaw." The song was "Magattraction," and I was hooked. Their "House" album came out a little later, and another obsessive Touch & Go fan was born.

  • David

    If you like GVB, how about a little love for Cop Shoot Cop? They also did the two bass, no guitar setup, with, by my money, more interesting lyrics and better percussion.

  • elijah arpa

    hi can you tell me where can i download free mp3 of park avenue and psychofuture by gvsb?
    thanks a lot dudes.
    pls email me.