Cory over at Absolutely Kosher brought Ex-Boyfriends to my attention with perfect timing considering my re-kindled interest in XTC and the accompanying power-pop kick I’m on. Dig their Drums and Wires era vibe—mixed in with a touch of Archers of Loaf and 999. Album’s available next week and in March the band begins making rounds out West. Ready, set, pogo!


  • These guys aren't related to Neko Case at all, are they?

  • Brian J.

    Woah, how serendipitous. I just read about them and wanted to check them out. 3hive reads my mind.

  • todd

    wow! these guys are great! nice post.

  • josh

    sounds like the cure with a little bit of upbeat punk. very nice

  • Yeah, I guess I hear a bit of "Drums and Wires" in there, but really sounds more "Boy's Don't Cry"-era Cure to me. Either way, good stuff.