Rocky Votolato

With a name like Rocky Votolato, I was expecting disco covers, not classic folk-rock — acoustic guitar, harmonica, brooding lyrics, scruffy cheeks and the long gaze. Ah, I shouldn’t make assumptions based on the guy’s name, especially with that Italian ring to it. Did you see those ads in the paper, around the time of the Alito confirmation, blasting people for calling him “Scalito,” claiming that was ethnic bigotry? 3hive doesn’t need that kind of attention. Anyway, Rocky’s an old-style singer-songwriter from the PNW, and “Portland Is Leaving” is the prettiest sad song I’ve heard in a long time. “Love’s a trainwreck, you’re a mistake…”

Thanks to everyone for pointing out the bad links…
These songs are only downloadable directly from Barsuk’s website. Sorry.

  • Colin

    Eh, assumptions are the building blocks of developing emotional attachment. If I couldn't assume certain things about people, bands or the government things would be pretty chaotic.
    That said, shame on you! The neo-folk genre has nothing to do with long-gazing and scruffy-cheeking.

  • The links don't seem to be working. I get a "Forbidden Access" page.
    This hapenning for anyone else?

  • joe

    Who said anything about neo-folk? The word I used was classic.

  • Colin

    Fair enough.

  • matty

    403 on both those links…or maybe it is just me?

  • Greg Manley

    now i may be completely wrong, but i can't hear the vocals in "white daisy passing" without thinking of peter paul and mary. and thats not a bad thing. beautiful song.

  • Looks like they've blocked directs from 3hive. You can still get the music by going to

  • I love Rocky, he is a great singer. I can't believe he used to be in waxwing. I really can't believe he was on the reality show called "hometeam", but he was.

  • pj

    it says I don't have permission to download either file…

  • Che

    Rocky Votolato = love
    Thanks for highlighting him

  • Hello – am getting an error message when trying to download this ("You do not have permission to view this file, etc.")
    No problems with other recent postings ….
    just wanted to let you know!

  • pagalina

    apparently barsuk has either removed the songs or moved them so the links no longer work! digity dang!

  • Stephanie

    wow, he's amazing. beautiful music.

  • er

    This is a great find. Thanks for the songs. I will pick this one up. I second the comment about Peter, Paul, and Mary. It takes me back and yet still moves me forward. Crazy Good.