The Stills

Perhaps the name is a subliminal bit of wishful thinking, because these Montreal, uh, rockers? new wavers? Franco-popsters? never seem to stay still for too long. But the great part is that none of their many aural wardrobe changes sound contrived because they’re not mimicking styles; they’re bringing their own sound to bear on what’s out there. Their latest, “In the Beginning,” is a southern rock anthem. “Retour A Vega” is wistful even though I only understand every third word. And “Still in Love Song” is full of intelligent teen angst. So if you’re having trouble deciding what kind of mood you’re in, don’t bother with the shuffle on your iPod. Just load in the Stills and let them do the shuffling for you.

  • Kenny

    These guys have been around for awhile and there AMAZING! Im surprised your only getting to them now.

  • 'Still In Love Song' still sounds great. looking forward to the new album.

  • Logic Will Break Your Heart was one of the best releases of 2003… definitely waiting for the new one..

  • Kate

    I saw themn live about two years ago. Great show, fun music.

  • Vince

    Wow! The french song songs great! Might be interesting to see if they have more songs in french… for those who do understand them 😉

  • AS

    Rockers, new wavers, Franco-popsters…ever hear of a ska band from Montreal called The Undercovers?
    'Destroyer', another song from Without Feathers, is on their myspace site for download.