Norfolk and Western

This oughtta give you an idea of what Norfolk & Western are about: they drag a century-old Victrola around with them on the road and Adam Selzer, vocalist and band leader, will sing through it on stage. That, and they’re liberal with the banjo and violin. And one more thing, Selzer and drummer, Rachel Blumberg have been musically involved with M. Ward and The Decemberists. That should be enough clues. Now get listening. The stand out track is “A Gilded Age,” and its timeless melody, pierced with shimmering guitars, reflecting our own newly-gilded century.

11/15/06 Update: Norfolk & Western: Now Touring + MP3s
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  • Another fantastic Portland band. Happy to see their excellent work highlighted here! Great live show.

  • pete

    I wanna move to Portland

  • summerfall

    my mum’s from norfolk.