We like to keep this main column on 3hive filled exclusively with brand, spanking new posts. But in this case we’ll make an exception. You see, Psapp (pronounced “sap,” fyi) was one of the very first posts to this site and we’ve carefully followed their progress. Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann, aka Psapp, are consistently one of 3hive’s most popular artists due, in large part, to Grey’s Anatomy fans searching for their song “Cosy in the Rocket.” The good folks at Domino have released THREE new MP3s, two from the new album The Only Thing I Ever Wanted, and one, “Wet Box,” which is a vinyl only b-side on their UK release. “Wet Box” is a more playful song, along the lines of their first Melodic tracks, filled with “anything that’s silly and uses stupid noises” (the band’s words). The album tracks work in Galia’s sultry vocals, for a feel that snuggles right up to “Cosy in the Rocket.” So get downloading, because you never know how long these links will last, and hit their e-card for details on their upcoming North American tour dates with Juana Molina and José González.

Hi [MP3, 3.6MB, 128kbps]
Tricycle [MP3, 2.6MB, 128kbps]
Wet Box [MP3, 2.8MB, 128kbps]

Original post: 02/23/04
Sounding like the best eclectic electronic comp since 2002’s Six Records Breaks Your Heart Again. The first track, “Difficult,” is from that comp, Tracks for Horses. The second track, “Dad’s Breakdown,” isn’t as strong, but fun nonetheless. They’re super lo-fi MP3s, Melodic’s definitely not showing much of their hand, but damn, can they pick ’em! Check out labelmate Pedro as well…

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  • The first time I heard Psapp, I smiled from ear to ear. Their music is sweetly satisfying, and decidedly original – a match which is often missing from today’s indie pop.

  • shaggyscotsman

    the first time that I heard psapp, i had just goten out of the shower and started dancing in my towel. Oh poor poor traumatized neighbor children1;)

  • The first time I heard Psapp I thought of Frou Frou/Imogen Heap’s sound with some conga, jazz, and poetic sensibilities thrown into the mix! 😉

  • outofbait

    i find it funny how the majority of the ppl didn't bother entering your contest and just agonized away at that grey's anatomy song. anyway, the first time i hear psapp i was reminded of the postal service's "brand new colony". the first song i heard by psapp was "leaving in coffins" (remains my favorite by them) and it has similar "beeping" sounds in the intro as that postal service song, but then the rest of the song is totally different, so so much for comparing them. but psapp is just fun and mellow at the same time. i'd like to see them in concert just to know how they make those funky beats.

  • rwball

    The first time I heard Psapp was from this website and it made me pretty happy. I love all the songs here. That same day I bought Tiger, My Friend and although it has some good songs on it (I agree that Leaving in Coffins is fantastic) , I don't think these songs are as good as what's on 3hive. I think I'll like the new album better and I look forward to seeing them live (and Jose Gonzalez too). Dad's Breakdown is an awesome song.

  • T_Texas

    The first time I heard Psapp I wished 3Hive would give away free concert tickets. I love when wishes come true.

  • eun

    The first time I heard Psapp, I convulsively shook my left leg to the rhythms behind Galia’s voice.

  • seamonster

    The first time I heard Psapp, I nearly pshit myself. It's that pgood.

  • Benny K

    The first time I heard Psapp, my head exploded and turned into jelly and ice cream for some ducks to feed on in a nearby park.

  • abby f

    The first time I heard Psapp, I made a very serious face. 😐

  • face

    … I was watching this show about a hospital with doctors and interns … and such. && i just about cried, I HAVE to have that song! ,, and now i have it in my ipod. so, YAYYY!

  • The first time I heard Psapp I thought they sounded kinda good and then decided to finish a sentence in order to try and win some tickets.

  • seamonster

    The first time I heard Psapp, I checked my calendar to make sure that I was free on June 23, 2006 and indeed, I am. Which bodes well if I win this contest….so what are the results?

  • seamonster

    So…..did anybody win tickets yet?

  • richmaem

    the first time I heard Psapp I flat out cried.

  • Nichole

    Walking my dog is:
    “The Dog Song” Nellie McKay

  • carlo

    can you send me “cozy in the Rocket” the Theme from GA. I just want to put it on my mp3 lists. Thanks! i appreciate it so much.

  • hmmm.

    it's funny how no one can get their music straight, and how people wait anxiously for the greys anatomy cd to come out when they can just go get psapp's.
    oh well.
    anyways, if any die hard psapp fans out there have lyrics to "Dad's Breakdown" I would greatly appreciate them. thank you.

  • Bridge