24 Aug

This is my last Delicious Berries post, using bands from‘s Indiana indie compilation, and this one might be my favorite. Winechuggers have an easy-going rock feel, like all the Pavement or Sebadoh songs I realy like and none of the ones that I can’t stand. Good stuff, and on the MFT site there are about 100 songs from Winechuggers to sift through — “Long Circuitous Path” is just a little piece of candy. Thanks to Jeb Banner for putting together the site, the compilation, and for playing along in this bands as well. Good luck, Indiana!

Long Circuitous Path [MP3, 4.1MB, 192kbps]

  • shaggyscotsman

    solid song, start to finish, great post. I've dug the Delicious Berries posts ever since Margot and the Nuclear so and so's. God save the Hoosiers!

  • Jeb Banner

    Bill Cameron is a genius (the guy behind the Winechuggers). Check out tons of released and unreleased stuff on his MFT page.…